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Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen is a post doctoral research fellow doing cross-national comparative research on the business of journalism and its role in democracy.

He holds a BA and a MA in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, a MA (with distinction) in Political Theory from the University of Essex, and a PhD (with distinction) in Communications from Columbia University. His dissertation dealt with political campaigns in the United States.

Most of his research deals with political communication, campaign practices, and media institutions and their ongoing transformations, especially at the intersection between old organizations and new technologies. His broader interests include media participation, civic engagement, and social theory. His research has appeared in several journals, including New Media and Society, Journalism, and the Journal of Information Technology and Politics.

His personal website, with more info about ongoing work, publications, and the like, is http://rasmuskleisnielsen.net/