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  1. The UK’s paradox of faith

    When a European leader says he's a Christian and that he lives in a Christian country, he's asking for trouble.

  2. The coalition of the reluctant

    We are not accustomed to leaders of great states who go for broke. Meet a leader of a great state who is going for broke. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a man of history.

  3. Putin has more admirers than the west might think | Timothy Garton Ash

    Russia has found out who its friends are recently and thanks to some old resentments, that includes India and ChinaTell me your Ukraine and I will tell you who you are. The Ukrainian crisis is a political Rorschach test, not...

  4. Who should we invite to the Oxford Editor and CEO Forum next year?

    Re-reading summary notes from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism’s Oxford Editor and CEO Forum last week. Chatham House Rules etc, so I will just quote the official RISJ post about the event— Editors in Chief and...

  5. Modi: Democrat or divider

    Modi embodies a nationalist principle that has lived with democracy, but has often struggled against it -- at times even destroyed it

  6. It is time to save the EU

    Believe it or not, recent setbacks for the European Union leadership could actually help to save the EU.

  7. Preconference on qualitative political communication research

    At this year’s International Communication Association conference in Seattle, David Karpf, Daniel Kreiss, Matthew Powers and myself are organizing a preconference on the role of qualitative methods in political...

  8. Welcome to China's political gamble of the century | Timothy Garton Ash

    President Xi Jinping has put the burden of modernisation squarely on the single ruling party. It is quite an experimentAs export-hungry Europeans have feted president Xi Jinping on his imperial progress across the continent over...

  9. France is the ‘sick man of Europe’

    Disenchantment with the EU is now sweeping France. The mainstream parties, where the official position has long been supportive of the EU, are challenged to be more skeptical.

  10. Russia’s imperialism vs globalization

    The Western states have been reminded that imperialism is alive and well, even rampant, and threatens the vision for a more global world economy.