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Thomson Reuters Foundation increases Reuters Institute funding award

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The Thomson Reuters Foundation has today announced the renewal and increase in their core funding award to the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford University.19% increase in 3 year funding to RISJ
Further strengthens continuing collaboration between academics and practitioners.
This renewal underscores The Thomson Reuters Foundation's commitment to building the global reputation of The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) at Oxford University as an international centre of excellence for research and debate in journalism. The Thomson Reuters Foundation will award a total of £1.25m for 2011-2013 to the RISJ, based in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. This award is an increase of £200,000 over a three year period, compared with the current level of funding.
The RISJ was established in November 2006 with an initial five- year grant from the Thomson Reuters Foundation, building upon the renowned Reuters Journalism Fellowship Programme, funded by the Foundation since 1983. The Institute is a globally recognised research centre in the comparative study of journalism and has the Fellowship Programme at its core. The RISJ is international in its perspective, providing a leading forum for scholars from a wide range of disciplines to engage with journalists from around the world.
Chief Executive of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Monique Villa, said:
'We are very proud of our long association with Oxford and see our support for the Institute as a critical part of the Foundation's mission to improve the standards of journalism worldwide. At a time of considerable turmoil in the international media industry, the role of the Institute in producing high quality research and as a forum for public debate between practitioners, academics and policymakers, is increasingly valuable and important.'
Tim Gardam, Chair of the RISJ Steering Committee, welcomed the increase in funding, saying: "I am delighted that the Thomson Reuters Foundation has expressed their confidence in the Institute in this way. The Institute has established a first class reputation in its early years. It can now leverage the Foundation's support to bring in additional funding, further developing its fellowship programme, its research activities, and its international partnerships."
Professor Neil MacFarlane, Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations, commented: "The RISJ is dramatically enhancing the profile of journalism within Oxford, and has hugely enhanced the potential for fruitful collaboration between academics and practitioners in this extremely important field. The Institute is a clear example of the Department's and the University’s deep commitment to having an impact on policy and society in the UK and globally."