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New special issue on the business of journalism

RISJ Admin

Contributing Author

The October issue of the International Journal of Press/Politics—available online in advance of print publication—includes a special section presenting comparative perspectives on the changing business of journalism and its implications for democracy edited by RISJ Research Fellow Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, RISJ Director David Levy, and Professor Frank Esser from the University of Zurich.The special section presents new research on structural changes in Western news media, the preconditions for investigative journalism in Central and Eastern Europe, and on similarities and differences in online news reporting in a range of different countries.
In their introduction, the three editors of the special issue call for more genuinely international cross-country comparative research on the economic and political underpinnings of professional journalism. As they note, the last decade has seen tremendous change in the news media that play a central role in political processes around the world, but empirical research into the institutional and systemic preconditions of journalism and news production has not kept pace with the rapid changes in the media nor yet managed to become truly international in its scale and scope to include emerging economies and developing countries.