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Navigating the Crisis in Local News - RISJ publishes 3 local news studies

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The RISJ has today published three working papers examining different aspects of the current crisis in local news together with potential alternative policy solutions. These studies were commissioned by Ofcom to inform their research report on local and regional news published today.'Navigating the Crisis in Local and Regional News' by Andrew Currah examines the current crisis and explores new systems of support, and charitable and other forms of organisation to support local news; 'Journalism, Democracy and the Public Interest' by Steven Barnett, reviews different regulatory approaches to local media ownership and their role in achieving public interest objectives. Finally, in 'Press Subsidies and Local News: The Swedish Case' by Karl-Erik Gustafsson, Henrik Örnebring and David A L Levy presents an examination of the current system of press subsidies that operates in Sweden which has underwritten the plurality of news supply which characterises the Swedish local newspaper industry.