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Media , Journalism and Technology Predictions 2015

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Nic Newman, Digital Strategist and Research Associate at RISJ shares his predictions for the year to come.
Wearables, hearables, nearables and payables will be some of the buzzwords of 2015 as the mobile revolution takes the next great leap. Mobile and social trends will continue to drive technical, product and content innovation with subscription and rental models increasingly driving digital revenues.

In other news …  

Smartphones cement their place as the single most important place for delivering digital journalism and become hubs for other devices
Messaging apps continue to drive the next phase of the social revolution
Visual personal media explodes fuelled by selfie sticks and selfie videos
Chinese and Indian companies begin to threaten Silicon Valley dominance of global tech
Television disruption hits its stride with over the top players (OTT) gaining ground
We’re going to worry even more about our privacy and online security in 2015
Ad blocking goes mainstream. Court cases ensue. Native advertising grows
Media becomes more driven by context (location, history, preferences) less by platform
Rebirth of audio driven by internet driven delivery to mobile devices
Digital and social media will be one of the defining factors of the UK election
UK goes code crazy with schools embracing computing and new cheap kits 

Companies or technologies you’ll have heard of this time next year include Thunderclap, Slack, Vessel, Plague,, Moment and Maker studios

Download the full 40 page PDF here

Photo credit: An Apple Watch is shown during an Apple event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, September 9, 2014. © REUTERS/Stephen Lam