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2014 APSA Doris Graber Award goes to Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

22 May 2014

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute, has won the American Political Science Association’s 2014 Doris Graber Award for his book “Ground Wars: Personalized Communication in Political Campaigns”, published by Princeton University Press in 2012. The award is given to recognize the best book published on political communication in the last ten years.The book analyze how American political campaigns have responded to a changing media environment and more polarized political situation by returning to the roots of political communication—contacting voters one at a time, at the door, and over the phone. In the book, Nielsen show how campaign staffers work with volunteers and low-paid part-time workers to contact people, how these contacts play out at the door and over the phone, how the voter contact programs are organized, how they are targeted, and what their increasing importance in recent years mean for democracy.