Sarah Anne
Research Associate

Sarah Anne Ganter is a Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Her main research interests include media governance and media policy in the digital era, media industries (journalism and cultural industries) comparative and cross-border research and qualitative methods. She is currently working together with Dr Rasmus Kleis Nielsen on the News Media Organisations in Selected Countries Project. The project focuses on the relationship between legacy media organisations and digital intermediaries, and their broader emerging implications for news production and dissemination.

Sarah comes from a position as a junior researcher at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna in Austria which she joined in 2011. Sarah previously conducted several internships in both media and political organisations. Sarah has extensive teaching experience in communication research.  She has worked on media policy transformation processes in South America and global media governance, having lead over hundreds of interviews in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. In 2013 she gained a competitive Marietta – Blau Scholarship funded by the Austrian Ministry of Research and Science for conducting fieldwork in South America in the course of her doctoral work.

Sarah´s work has been published in the European Journal of Communication, the Medien Journal and in various book projects. In 2014, she was awarded the Best Student Paper Award in the Communication Law and Policy Section by the European Communication Research Association (ECREA) for her paper “What about geographies? Border-crossing intertextuality in national, audiovisual policy documents.” Her original academic background is in International Communications (MA, University of Leeds, UK), Applied Languages, Cultural Area and Economic Studies (MA, University of Passau, Germany) and International Cultural and Business Studies (Lic, Universidad del Salvador, Argentina).

For a complete overview over Sarah’s research, please consult her Google scholar profile or her personal website.