Senior Editor at Haaretz
Country of Origin: 
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Date of Fellowship: 
Hilary and Trinity terms, 2016
Research Paper Title: 
Democracy vs. the press: The challenge of boosting government transparency

Noa Landau is a senior editor at Haaretz and up until recently, Head of the Haaretz News Department. The first woman to fill this role since the founding of the Israeli leading newspaper in 1919, she was appointed after serving in various editorial positions on the news desk - including front page editor.

In her last position as chief editor and manager of news operations, she shepherded the integration of the organisation’s web and print departments and led the news coverage of two recent wars in Gaza as well as national and regional elections.

Prior to Haaretz, Landau worked as a news reporter and editor at a variety of media outlets in Israel since 2001, including Galei-Tzahal, Channel 10 and Maariv.

She is also a founding member of the first Women Journalists Forum in Israel.

Research Paper Title: 
Democracy vs. the press: The challenge of boosting government transparency

Why and under what circumstances do democracies around the world still act to prevent the release of public information and how do they do so? How do democracies limit government transparency in comparison to less liberal regimes? How do growing global security concerns affect the issue? What checks and balances do various countries employ?

The necessity of a delicate balance between the right of the public to free information and other needs – such as security considerations or privacy – has historically caused major tensions between government and journalists. This is especially true in countries that purportedly hold the freedom of the press in high esteem. These tensions gave rise to various ways of regulating public information.

The study will map the implications of the lack of transparency in various democratic countries, the ongoing conflict between government authorities and the free press and and ways in which to create new mechanisms and technologies in order to boost access to public information.

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