Reuters Institute Global Journalism Series

Journalism all over the world is changing today in response to economic, political, social, and technological forces. These changes are transforming the profession of journalism, the news media industry that has historically sustained and constrained it, and the role that journalism plays in society. While many of the changes are similar across the world, especially those associated with technology, their consequences are very different from organization to organization, from place to place, and context to context.

This book series, published by Columbia University Press working with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, focuses on journalism internationally, as part of a globalised world, and will publish work that takes seriously both important, enduring cross-national differences and the transnational forces transforming the profession around the world.

The aim of the series is to help us understand the similarities and differences in how journalism in different contexts deal with changing forms of government, with an increasingly globally-interdependent economy, with the movement of people and ideas across borders, and with the rise of globally important new digital media and communication technologies. The series will connect professional experience and academic rigor and provide a platform for the best international and comparative work on journalism, whether written by professionals or academics.

Anchored in the recognition of the key role of independent media in open societies and the power of information in the modern world, the series will serve as an important forum for a productive engagement between leading scholars from a wide range of disciplines and practitioners of journalism from around the world.

The series is edited by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Director of Research at the Reuters Institute, working closely with the RISJ Editorial Committee.