Connecting Academic Research and Professional Practice

The Reuters Institute aims to connect rigorous academic research from a variety of disciplines with the practical experience of professional journalists, media managers, and media policymakers.

We conduct and facilitate research that addresses the most significant issues facing journalists, media companies and those concerned about the interaction between media and society, and work to bring an international and comparative perspective to discussions over the future of journalism and the media.

Research is central to all the Reuters Institute’s activities. We are involved in both academic and industry-focused research projects designed to advance our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing journalism, news media, and the citizens and societies that rely upon them, in different contexts.

Projects are carried out by RISJ research staff, visiting fellows, research associates, and in collaborations with researchers elsewhere, across the University of Oxford, with other universities in the UK and beyond, and with partners from the media industry and journalism.

The focus is on internationally comparative research in four broad themes: journalism and democracy, the practice of journalism, the business of journalism, and media policy.

Support for our research comes from a variety of academic research funding bodies, foundations, non-profit and NGOs, as well as industry partners.