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Projects and Publications

Combining academic scholarship with news media

The Reuters Institute conducts a variety of research projects on topical issues important to the profession. These range in size and duration from small projects taking 6-18 months to some requiring several years of work and involving multiple researchers.

Sponsors can commission a specific project or support a chosen field of research. All research conducted by the Reuters Institute must meet the University of Oxford's requirements of rigour and independence.

Credit for the sponsorship is provided in research reports, publications, and events related to the research.

Sponsored research examples include:

  • BBC Trust: Is there Still a Place for Public Service Television?
  • David Ure: Regulating the Press: A comparative study of international press councils
  • Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust: News Plurality in a Digital World
  • Grantham Institute: Climate Change in the Media - Reporting Risk and Uncertainty

If you are interested in supporting a research project, please contact Kate Hanneford-Smith, Institute Administrator on kate.hanneford-smith(at)

“This is an outstanding piece of work: detailed, deeply knowledgeable, authoritative, & with some bravura reporting” David Gardner, Financial Times on Transformations in Egyptian Journalism