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Journalist Fellows' Fund

The Journalist Fellows’ Fund is largely supported by the international network of Journalism Fellowship Programme Alumni and will give a talented journalist the unique opportunity to study at Oxford.

The fund allows mid-career journalists to leave the maelstrom of the newsroom to research critical issues facing journalism today.

They will have access to leading experts from both academia and the industry and will return to their countries with newly honed skills and knowledge. They will also benefit from Oxford University’s world class scholarship and facilities.

Through participation in seminars, conducting research on the diverse challenges for international journalism, contribution to college life and crucially, through the mutual exchange with other journalists, the Fellows’ Fellow will have the experience of a lifetime.

We hope to raise enough to bring one Journalist Fellow to the programme.

You can support this cause in one of two ways: either by making a gift donation to the fund yourself or by asking your news organisations or networks to contribute. Every gift will make a difference to a deserving journalist and allow them to benefit from the experience of the Fellowship.

Please, if you can, help us achieve by giving a donation via the below address:

Your contribution will be enormously appreciated.