Frequently Asked Questions

What fellowships does RISJ offer?

There are several different fellowships offered. View the full list of fellowships offered

Am I eligible to apply?

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism offers fully funded Fellowships to well established mid-career journalists from throughout the world. Applicants must have a minimum of five years' experience in any branch of journalism and demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English to be able to participate fully in the life of the Programme and write a research paper in English of publishable quality.

I am a freelance journalist, can I still apply for a Fellowship?

Yes, we do accept applications from freelance journalists, however they must be working journalists who plan to work as journalists after the Fellowship. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants with no recent experience or only limited experience of working as a journalist or who have no intention of returning to work as journalists.

How long are the fellowships?

Fellowships may be for three, six or nine months covering one or two terms or a full academic year (October – June) respectively.

What kind of research projects are funded?

Priority will be given to journalists proposing research projects within the following four areas of focus:

  1. Journalism and Democracy - This encompasses projects exploring the functions of media in political information, engagement, and participation, the roles of journalism and other media and communication platforms in democratisation, the interplay of politics and the media, and public policies toward media.
  2. Business of Journalism - These projects are focused on the practices and effects of business / financial reporting, variations in practices around the globe, relationships between journalists and sources, and how coverage portrays and effects national and international economic and financial policies.
  3. Journalism Practice - These includes projects exploring topics such as the role of news and journalism in creating awareness and understanding of science and medicine, reporting of risk, business/financial reporting, relationships between journalists and sources, and on journalism affects public opinion and governmental policies.
  4. Media Policy - This incorporates projects investigating policies and proposed policies affecting media, such as structural and behavioural regulation of broadcasting, press regulation, pluralism policies, ownership controls, content regulation, taxation, and subsidies.

Other areas of research can be considered providing these are clearly related to the professional work of applicants and will lead to greater excellence in journalism.

What does the funding include?

Awards may include travel expenses (including air travel economy class) and a modest living allowance. This arrangement is subject to variation. Spouses and partners (including with dependents) are welcome but under no circumstances will the Fellowship Programme pay the travel or living costs of visiting spouses or dependents.

Fellows at the RISJ on Fellowships from Thomson Reuters Foundation, Gerda-Henkel, Wincott and Saïd - Asfari will receive a monthly stipend of £1,500 from the RISJ for their living costs during their stay in Oxford, as well as covering travel costs within reason.

Can I fund myself on a fellowship?

Journalists may also arrange their own funding, but they should then approach the Director of the Programme, in the first instance before making a formal application. Self- funded fellows may apply at any time. Please email reuters.institute(at)politics.ox.ac.uk if you wish to fund yourself on the programme.

Can I work while on the Fellowship Programme?

No, the Fellowship is a full time programme and we expect all Fellows to commit to the numerous academic and social activities of the Reuters Institute.

How much does it cost to live in Oxford?

The main university website gives guideline information for the expected average living costs for graduate students living in either college accommodation or a shared house at Oxford for between 9 and 12 months a year, which will act as a useful estimate for prospective candidates for RISJ fellowship programmes. RISJ Fellows often stay in accommodation provided by the North Oxford Overseas Centre.