Visiting Fellowships

The Institute accepts a small number of Visiting Fellows who are distinguished practitioners from journalism and the news media or leading academics in fields closely related to the Institute's research projects. These are non-salaried visiting positions designed to promote the educational and research interests of the Reuters Institute through relationships with people employed by other institutions.

Academic Visiting Fellows hold substantive appointments on the faculty of other academic or research institutions. These are generally scholars on grants from national research academies and foundations or sabbaticals from their home institution. Visiting Fellows from the industry are typically on leave from their employer.

The term of a Visiting Fellowship is for one to three academic terms and requires an affiliation fee that provides access to university facilities and services, covers costs for desk space and administrative support. Visiting Fellowships are reviewed by the RISJ Director of Research and approved by the RISJ Editorial Committee, which meets three times a year.

For further information and to obtain application forms etc. please contact RISJ Director of Research Rasmus Kleis Nielsen at rasmus.nielsen(at)politics.ox.ac.uk

Details of current and former Visiting Fellows seen here.

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