Media Regulation – New Ideas

  • Presentation by Lara Fielden
  • City University London & Reuters Institute event: "Media Regulation – New Ideas"
  • Tuesday 1st November

It's 2011. I'm a consumer. I know a bit about the media and its regulation. I know that Ofcom regulates television and radio. I've read that the PCC has been through some rough times recently but I know that, for the time being at least, it regulates newspapers.

So, I’ve watched a report from a journalist and I want to make a complaint about it. So far, so simple. I contact Ofcom. No I don't. It was a BBC report and my complaint is about impartiality. I should contact the BBC Trust.

Or should I? I watched the report on YouTube and turns out BBC Worldwide own the rights to it. I discover a body called the Authority for Television on Demand or 'ATVOD' regulates that material. I will complain to them. Only problem is, under ATVOD's rules, there's no requirement for impartiality...

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