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Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Media Conference 2014

9:30am, Thursday 8 May 2014
Full programme (PDF)While 2013 was the year of Big Data hype, 2014 is shaping up to be the year of Big Data success stories for media companies. The second annual Big Data for Media conference, organised by the Reuters Institute and World Newsmedia Network, will explore the most impressive Big Data case studies, and the nuts-and-bolts approaches to Big Data strategies and implementation on the journalism and business sides of media companies. The conference will include several general sessions and two break-out tracks: Journalism/Content and Business/Revenue. The conference will explore the following topics: Gathering, analysing and leveraging consumer insights Understanding media content usage patterns in real time Best practices in social media analysis Best practices in leveraging Big Data and mobile content Big Data tactics and strategies now and for the future Award-winning data journalism projects, and how they executed these projects Monetisation using Big Data strategies Delivering targeted content leveraging Big Data Tools used to understand complex data sets, including data visualisation techniques To view the full programme in PDF format please see here Keynote Speakers: * Jimmy Maymann, CEO of Huffington Post, "How HuffPost leverages Big Data to improve user experience" * Matt Keylock, Global Head of Data for dunnhumby, "How Tesco and dunnhumby have led the way in the business approach to Big Data in customer and efficiencies strategies for 15 years" Confirmed speakers: Peter Bale, CNN's Managing Director, UK, “Examples of CNN's Data Journalism” Tom Betts, Head of Data Analytics for, "TBA" Amanda Farnsworth, Head of BBC’s Visual Journalism unit, "Starting up a Visual Journalism Unit” Ky Harlin, Director of Data Research and Development at BuzzFeed, New York, "How BuzzFeed is leveraging Big Data to target its readers in real time" Paul Hood, Archant Media’s Digital Director, “Stop Data Leakage to Third Party competitors” Darrel Kunken, Sacramento Bee, Director of Market Analysis, “How the Sacramento Bee is using data visualization to extend the utility of Big Data sets, and how Big Data will play a role in helping to introduce readers to more of the content that they want” Mirko Lorenz, Director of the GEN, Data Journalism Awards, "At the fork of the road: Why every newsroom should work with data." Jonathan Lyon, Global Director of Strategic Insight,  DigitasLBi global marketing and technology agency, “How essential customer insights and engagement are made possible by Big Data” Jason Mander, Head of Trends, Global Web Index, "The changing social media landscape" Pegg Nadler: Award-winning magazine marketing guru, NYC, “Successes and failures using Big Data in magazine company marketing” Arsenio Santos, CTO and co-founder, Circa 1605, a mobile content app, "How Circa Is Using Technology And Analytics To Transform Mobile Journalism" Dr Farida Vis, acclaimed social media data scientist and occasional Guardian Twitter analyst, University of Sheffield, "How Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat usage are changing the face of journalism and business development" The conference, born out of the Reuters Institute's Big Data research, will focus on how media companies can leverage data to better understand their media landscapes, their audiences, and help develop content and commercial strategies for the future. Follow the event on twitter at #Bigdatamedia14